Valo, Shining Light of the Intranets

Hailing from Finland, Valo is the Finnish word for light, and is the brain-child of Blue Meteorite, one of Europe’s leading SharePoint/O365 consulting firms. Derived from lesson’s learned through many SharePoint implementations and customizations, Valo represents a convenient and user-friendly collection of richly distilled features, culminating in what is today considered as one of the market leaders in the Intranet-in-a-box category. Among its many accolades, extra credence is given by consecutive ClearBox Intranet Choice Value Awards in 2018, and 2019.

Despite Valo's European roots, it has rapidly experienced growth in North America, opening it's Montreal Office in 2018, and now boasts over 1.5 million users in 40+ countries.

Why is Valo so popular you might ask? Simple. It is fast to implement, has many features, and offers remarkably good value. Sites can be deployed in a matter of weeks, not months, as many typical SharePoint customizations would take. Valo can be deployed to SharePoint on-premise or SharePoint Online, and supports both Classic and Modern variants. There is even a mobile phone app!

Feature rich:

  • Themes
  • News Publishing
  • Page Templates
  • Event Hub
  • Surveys
  • Forms
  • Classifieds
  • News Alerts
  • FAQs
  • People Finder
  • Blogs
  • Quick Links
  • Social Hub (add-on)
  • Videos (add-on)
  • Teamwork (add-on)
  • Idea Management (add-on)
  • Multilingual - available in 23 languages (add-on)
Valo Intranet Choice Award 2019

Another area where Valo shines is its product architecture. One of the more difficult aspects of SharePoint customizations, especially with SharePoint Online, is that changes must be made carefully so that they don't resulting in breaking your intranet when Microsoft releases product updates. Valo has its users covered in this respect because it is aligned with Microsoft's cloud add-in model. This means you will be future-proofed, and Office 365 updates will be safe. 

Perhaps the final icing on the cake is the Valo team. Valo is not just a side-product for busy consulting firm that gets occasional attention between projects. It is an ever-growing and dedicated team of professionals, which consists of several Microsoft MVPs, who are recognized in their field as experts in the areas of SharePoint and Office 365. The Valo team works closely with Microsoft regarding SharePoint pre-releases, so they always know what is around the corner. To cap it off, Valo uses a pay-once lifetime model, and offers a modest annual refresh option to make sure you stay up to date with the latest features.

About The Author

Daren Kovacevic
Daren's time in IT has mostly been spent in the Software field, architecting and developing solutions with .NET and SharePoint. He also spent several years in a Business Intelligence team, eventually founding Thought Cloud in 2011, and now works closely with clients to help them maximize returns on their technology investments.