How Can Process Automation Benefit me?

Software has been evolving and changing the way we work for quite some time. It is a field full of acronyms that might make business owners feel uncomfortable at times, and for the worst, may cloud their ability to understand the benefit of technologies that could assist them in improving the way they operate. Process management is a great example, as all businesses are driven by process, and it makes a great starting point for optimization, especially if they are not being handled in the most efficient manner.

Nowadays it’s not uncommon for businesses to run their processes via e-mail and spreadsheets, perhaps in addition with some kind of industry-specific software. In the absence of knowing there is a better way, or where to start, they may be content with the status quo, thus leading to lost opportunities and the chance to become a better version of themselves. Interestingly, some of these businesses may already have access to tools and licensing that can be leveraged to optimize their processes, but may be completely unaware.

Some of the great features of processes management:

  • Reducing time of execution of your actual tasks;
  • Clear view of workload capacity;
  • Finding bottlenecks and letting you act in a timely manner to fix them;
  • Reducing the learning curve for new hires, as they will be guided through the process by the software;
  • Enable stronger performance reviews based on data from the processes;
  • Exploring and expanding the features of existing software;

In the next article we will explore some of these points and provide real world examples. Stay tuned!

About The Author

Thiago Almeida
Despite graduating from Computer Science twenty years ago, Thiago has never stopped learning. Some of his accomplishments include PMP, ITIL, PowerApps, and numerous Nintex certifications. When he isn't downloading knowledge into his hippocampus, he's leading the charge as Thought Cloud's Process Automation Lead.